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Specialty Billiard Services

Specialty Billiard Services provides complete and comprehensive pool and billiard table services throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We offer all standard services, including:

  • Cloth (felt) replacement
  • Pool table installation
  • Pool table disassembly, moving and re-installation
  • Cushion rubber replacement
  • All pool table repair work (frame/cabinet repair, slate repair, rail repair, etc.)
  • Pool table storage solutions

We also specialize in advanced services such as:

  • Custom pocket resizing
  • Slate shelf depth resizing
  • Slate reflattening
  • Heating and moisture control solutions for playing surface
  • Pool table lighting
  • Table top add-on options (dining table tops, card table tops, ping-pong tops)
  • Custom pool table design and construction including specially shaped tables and other novelty designs
  • Pool table refurbishing and restoration
  • Consulting services such as prior-to-purchase pool table evaluation

Please contact me for quotes or questions.

I can be reached at (503) 515-5622 or randy@specialtybilliards.com

Thanks - Randy